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New Chapter Funny Divorce Wine Label

New Chapter Funny Divorce Wine Label

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Breakups and divorce suck BUT spending another day with that loser sucks more! Bring some much needed smiles to him/her with this cheeky wine. Great wine gift idea for him or her. "Divorce sucks but spending another day with that asshole sucks more"

FAQ Answers: Apply to a WARM (not chilled or wet) bottle for best results. The labels go over the existing label on the bottle. No need to take off the current label. :) Labels work better on thinner bottles, vs wide bottles that sometimes Chardonnay or Pion Noir are sold in. If you need to trim them down, scissors work just fine. Product Description: Self-adhesive, sticks to practically any surface Hand applied. Shape: Square/Rectangle Size: : H 4"" x 4" W Paper: 70 lb. Label High Gloss (UV)

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