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Inspired Indigo



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Why send a card they’ll throw away? Send a card they’ll keep! Show your appreciation with the Grateful folding metal card. You insert a note or photo and mail the card flat. When they get it, they pop the stand out and display it forever! It can be featured with the note or photo you send or the note can be removed and the metal card can be displayed as home decor. It’s the perfect card for any occasion.


Each card comes with:

  • A metal card with “clips” that are part of the artwork.
  • An insert card for your note.
  • Folding instructions for you. (It’s easy!) 
  • Folding instructions for your recipient. (That’s easy, too!) 
  • A special mailing envelope that will protect the card on its journey.

Card Size: 4.25” x 6”
Insert Size: 3" x 3.75"

Cards They’ll Keep folding metal cards are patented - you can only find them here! All metal cards are mailed flat and possess a sculpt-able element that transform the cards into artwork and gives them life for years to come.

U.S Pat. No. 9,744,792 B2 ©Invite Design LLC

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