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Ori Bee

SUGAR SCRUB Gift Set: honey balm, sugar body scrub, shea butter, exfoliate, spa gift, handmade, bridal gift, skincare, skin polish

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Our Honey Balm and Moisturizing Sugar Scrub duo is exciting news! This wonderful combination of our smooth Honey Body & Hair Balm and velvety Sugar Scrub will give you that luxury spa experience right in your own home.

With our hydrating Coconut oil and moisture rich Cocoa Butter, your skin will feel hydrated in no time. Whether you are suffering from eczema, scars or oily skin, our Honey Body & Hair Balm will naturally care for your body.

Our scrubs are designed to gently exfoliate dead skin, while leaving it soft and smooth! We added orgainc grapeseed oil to moisturize and hydrate your skin back to health. Gentle on sensitive skin and an excellent source of vitamin E to help nourish the skin.

Choose which combination is best for you:
* 2 oz Honey Balm
* 2 oz Organic Sugar Scrub